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Playtogive is the stress-free way to bring in more dollars and more donors to your Cause. There is no cost to register your nonprofit or to create a fundraiser. A small service fee is deducted only from the money you actually raise. By reducing the time, money, and energy event planning can take, we've made fundraising a whole lot easier!

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Find the perfect match for your next fundraiser.

Our growing library of games include a wide selection of categories such as word, strategy, puzzle, arcade, action and much more.

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Fundraisers with art

Would you rather fundraise using artwork instead of games?

Visit www.artsygood.com to learn more about Artsy Good fundraisers.

Ask about our custom branded solutions

You can customize the Playtogive fundraising experience to your nonprofit's brand. Contact us for more information, or visit Pi Beta Phi Foundation's Playtogive site to see how it works.