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It sounds simple. Because it is!

Playtogive is the same do-good fundraising...but with a do-better, streamlined edge! So, now, you can introduce a little common sense and a whole lotta joy into the equation!

What's more, according to Charity Navigator, America's leading charity evaluator, a majority of charity fundraising events barely break even, and many operate at a loss!

With Playtogive's online fundraising events, raising money is a vastly more efficient, more effective, more enjoyable process for everyone, from organizer to player to donor.

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How to Join an Event and Play

It's time to put their money where your mouse is!

The fun begins by creating your own Champion Profile, where you can let people know what Causes you're going to play for...and why!

Join the event in which you want to participate.

Reach out to those you want to sponsor you and those whom you want to play with, too!

To begin playing the games, raise the minimum contribution set by the event organizers. Sponsor yourself, and you can start playing right away and to your heart's content.

Play your heart out for your Cause.

Everyone's a Champion at Playtogive, but to be an All Star, be the top fundraiser for your event or score the highest points for a game. You will be bestowed with the Playtogive badge of honor.

How to Sponsor or Donate

Now, doing good feels even better!

To begin supporting your Champion and their Cause, go to their profile and locate the event on their page or just click on the link in the email invitation you received.

Sponsor your Champion by making a tax-deductible donation in the amount of your choosing through our secure payment site.

Don't have a Champion to sponsor? You can still make a tax-deductible donation and support the Cause from the event page by clicking on Donate.

Should you also want to register as a player, create your own Champion Profile and Join the event.

Check back on your Champion's progress by visiting their fundraising page. At the end of the event, we'll email you a summary of the highlights and successes of the fundraising event.

How to Create an Event

Want to see how generous your patrons are? Just ask 'em to play their hearts out.

Once you've created your own Champion Profile, you can request to become an approved Event Organizer by clicking on Create an Event and registering your 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Once your account has been linked with your Cause, you can create a custom event page by defining 7 event parameters, it's that easy!

Test play our fun games and select up to 4 for your supporters and friends to play and enjoy!

Edit your event until it's polished and ready for prime time, then simply click Publish.

Invite everyone in your database in on the action!